How To Buy The Right Razor For You

When the temperature starts to rise, many men are ready to finally wipe their faces and get rid of their beards. Many of them will return to the chairs of their barbers and come out with a smooth and smooth face.


Some types prefer the freshly shaved style, while others prefer something more careful. We have discovered that the trend of beard is not dying and that facial hair is timeless. But that also means that we need the right tools for maintenance. It is difficult to know how to find the right type of razor with so many available on the market; From the electric razors to the razor blades. For that, Michael Gilman, CEO and founder of Grooming Lounge recommends a double-edged rake.


"There are so many types of high quality razors available, it's hard to make a bad choice," says Gilman. "Making that clear, many men choose double-edged rakes because of the advantages they offer."


To begin with, both sides of the double-edged rake have a longer life, which lowers the cost of buying new replacement sheets frequently. Gilman also says that the slimmer design gives you better access to the more complicated places to reach such as under the nose and neck folds as well as the ability to create more precise lines of facial hair.


He warned about using straight razors, also known as the barber's razor, saying that "although it seems quite masculine to do it alone, there is a lot of scope to make a mistake, and a man can get a shave just as closed or more using A [double-edged or electric razor] ".


However, the celebrity barber, Marcus Harvey, disagreed. He recommends that his clients use razor blades, and specifically the individual razor that offers a safety sheet designed specifically to prevent skin irritation with thick or curly hair, in addition to taking care of your skin from buried hairs.


Harvey warns his customers about multi-blade razors because their sharp edges scrape off unlubricated skin, which causes irritation, especially on sensitive skin. The key, says Harvey, is to simply do it calmly.


Your shave should be like yoga," he said. "You have to take your time to do it. It has to be an experience."


Electric razors are not ideal for shaving, although they do work for men with sensitive skin or light beards. Consider this type of razors as a good tool for men who are always on the move. But if you prefer this type of razor, Gilman recommends carefully prepare your face first and moisturize to ensure that your face does not become dry or irritated.


To prepare, apply a warm towel over your face to soften your skin before shaving or immediately after the shower, as advised by Harvey. You can also use an oil or shaving cream before your shave.


In MANMADE's book " Essential Skincare & Grooming's Reference for Every Man" by Chris Salado, Kiehl's president suggests using a shaving cream, rather than a foam, not to cover facial hair and avoid shaving too much or leaving areas unshaven.

Remember to wash your face afterwards and condition your beard with oil, wax or balm.


But whether you prefer a barber's razor, an electric razor or a double-edged rake, Harvey emphasized the importance of thinking about your shaving as if it were a ritual, and respecting it as such.



"It's not all supposed to be quick in life," he joked. "You have to take your time. If you cannot take the time to properly shave in the morning, your skin does not deserve to be clean."


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